A c k o    L a u r i n n   




Vit et travaille à Paris, peintre née à Paris en 1961.

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Acko is a French artist living in Paris, born in Paris in 1961.


Her work is mixed media on canvas. Found materials, often metal pieces, or shapes she cuts from cans, are juxtaposed with painted forms in subtle colors to create figurative compositions. The viewer’s eye is guided into the depths of layered overlapping paper squares of contrasting patterns or hues, which design an entryway into the core of one self.


Her cerebral approach playfully desecrates the nobility of oil painting by bringing in recycled elements.  We penetrate into a parallel universe where the moment is manipulated, deformed, dramatized and enriched by the combination of materials, shapes and colors.


During the winters from 2004 to 2007 she moved her studio to Vietnam. Throughout this period her work was thematically influenced by the lunar calendar. Chinese Zodiac figures are portrayed on the canvas. She transforms the buffalo to take the form of “Buffalo Girl” termed the Bufflette, Bubala or Bubalita.

Acko erects facetious figures right in their boots. The horned imaginary personage comes to life through whimsical collage like compositions. It is through this technique of building and layering that allows us to enter their soul. 

Bubalas and their variations represent an alter ego for Acko. They are constantly morphing and evolving as the body of work develops. They take center stage to engage the viewer in an intimate offbeat vision of the world.

Acko’s work constantly questions through an interplay of pictorial gestures and words. While using ideograms during and after her Ho Chi Minh City immersion, Acko now returns to her roots: the Latin or Breton languages. Words strengthen the meaning of the formed imagery while simultaneously holding a graphic role. French is rarely used for she prefers words, which are not immediately readable on the canvas.

Acko coins her fanciful work as "Cerebrum Spontex*". Loosely translating her motto: My brain is an abrasive sponge.  


*(Spontex is a very known French sponge brand)